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We are experts in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts for businesses, large and small. The firm has been providing commercial contract legal services for over 20 years. 


From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups:

Steven Rosenthal has negotiated substantial agreements involving entities such as  AT&T, Verizon, Disney, TrueCar, and Xerox.  His experience runs from very large companies to start-ups.



Expertise in the Drafting and Negotiation of Commercial Contracts.

Included are cloud, software, data, website terms and conditions, hardware, customer, vendor, outsourcing, distribution, marketing, sales, service level, consulting, carrier, billing, an d commission sales agreements.

This is across all industries, including but not limited to the Internet, telecommunications, and automotive.

A Unique Perspective

Steven Rosenthal provides a unique prospective not only because he has been an attorney in practice for over twenty years, but also because has been an entrepreneur and businessperson.  Therefore, he has a deep understanding of what the businessperson needs from a business stand-point, as well as the legal requirements.   

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